Specialist Dr. Esin SELİMOĞLU

ROMATEM Bursa Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Physician

Specialist Dr. Esin SELİMOĞLU

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist

Waist and Neck Hernias
Musculoskeletal Diseases
Stroke Rehabilitation
Spinal Marrow Injuries Rehabilitation
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Neurological Rehabilitation
Pediatric Rehabilitation
Robotic Rehabilitation
Atroplasty Rehabilitation
Fracture Rehabilitation
Osteoporosis (Muscle Loss)
Ozone Therapy
Neural Therapy

University: Uludag University Faculty of Medicine
MSc: Health Institutions Management
Specialization Education: Uludag University Faculty of Medicine FTR Department

Neural Therapy  Course
Ozone Therapy Course
Kinesiology Taping Course

Dr. Ayten Bozkaya Spastic Children’s Hospital and Rehabilitation Center